06/21/2010 Akron, CO Severe Storms Street Flooding

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was on the severe storms that fired in Colorado after days of a stout cap preventing storm development. This storm was a long-track supercell that formed over Boulder, Colorado in the foothills and moved into Kansas several hours later. Storm dropped hail and a few brief tornadoes across northern Colorado.

Video package opens up with POV driving shots as slushy hail falls and splats on the windshield. Next couple scenes include falling rain and hail. Last shot of POV is with a rainbow, lots of hail covering the road, and falling rain.

Next series of shots include hail up to 1-inch in diameter falling east of Akron. Stones can be seen bouncing out of the grass and off nearby dirt roads. Several shots of hailstones splashing into puddles as well.

Video then focuses on street flooding in Akron along US-34, the main drag in town. Water was 6-12 inches deep in spots. Video shows various shots of vehicles driving through high water, including cars, pick up trucks, and semi trucks.