2/26/2015 Durham, NC Winter Storm Snow Damage Aftermath

Footage of downed powerlines, poweroutage in Durham neighborhood, stranded vehicles in snow on I-85, and downed large tree limbs covered in damaging heavy wet snow. Tens of thousands of people without power in Durham, NC area after many tree limbs and power lines were downed by very heavy wet snow. Very low \"snow liquid ratios\" were responsibe for a very dangerous heavy wet snow, which stuck to trees and powerlines. This caused poweroutages for tens of thousands in the Durham area. The normal snow-liquid ratio is 10:1, but it may have been closer to 7:1 in Durham from this storm.

All footage shot during early and mid-morning (daylight & darkness) of February 26, 2015 in/near Durham, NC

Shot List:

1-3. various shots of powerlines down on car & street in northern neighborhood of Durham, NC from heavy wet snow

4. driving shot with AUDIO, \"Well, this neighborhood lost power, it appears. Very dark in this neighborhood with multiple powerlines down. None of the street lights are working\". with footage of dark early morning neighborhood with snow-covered trees, powerlines, and road

5-14. various shot of stranded vehicles in snow on I-85, 2 shots with police assistance, and snow-covered trees

15 & 16. wide shots of downed large tree limbs from heavy wet snow

17. pushed-in shot of snow falling off tree limbs along highway

18-22. various early morning shots of snow-covered trees with heavy snow falling

23. pushed-in shot of \"Caution, Icy Road\" electronic warning sign on I-85 near Durham, NC with traffic passing