Winter storm and heavy snow slams Kansas – 1/28/2020

A major winter storm brought some of the highest snow totals seen in years across portions of southwest Kansas. Reports included totals over a foot deep in areas while many locations saw double-digit totals. Heavy snow started overnight Monday into Tuesday and continued into the afternoon closing roads and causing travel headaches across the region. Winter Storm Warnings were in effect through the day on Tuesday across the region.

Video divided into two parts, the first from Greensburg and the second part from Minneola, Kansas.
Shot Description


Scene 1: Police at the closure of US-400 on the west side of Greensburg.

Scene 2: Police telling person in RV about closure, while audio is low, you can hear the cop tell the RV people that it is slow going.

Scene 3-6: Various shots of closure with police on scene.

Scene 7-9: Shots of US-400 closure on east side of Greensburg, closed all the way to Pratt.

Scene 10: Snow plow clearing snow from US-400 west of Greensburg.

Scene 11-13: POV driving shots behind plow on US-400 eastbound toward Greensburg.

Scene 14-16: Shots of a semi that slid off the highway west of Greensburg.

Scene 17: Two trucks driving slowly through very heavy falling snow.

Scene 18: POV driving shot in very low visibility and slow traffic.

Scene 19-21: Various clips of extremely heavy falling snow on west side of Greensburg.

25 miles south of Dodge City on US-283

Scenes 22-26: Various angles of a semi stuck in snow on a neighborhood street. It is blocking the road.

Scene 27: Black car stuck in snow drift with stuck semi in background looking for street.

Scene 28-29: Red semi stuck in snow.

Scene 30-31: Snow plow clearing US-283 through town.

Scene 32: White pickup truck navigating snow covered streets.

Scene 33-35: Person walking down the middle of a snow covered street.

Scene 36: Man walking down snow covered street.

Scene 37: Cool shot of wind farm spinning in heavy snow.

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