Snowy roads and crashes in Wichita, KS – 1/23/2020

More snow moved into Kansas during the evening hours on Thursday with minor accumulations of snow reported in eastern portions of greater Wichita. Snow came down heavy enough at times to cause some minor traffic issues. Winter Weather Advisories were issued across portions of eastern Kansas, and this is the second day in a row for snow in Wichita.

Shot Description

Scenes 1-10: Multi-car wreck southeast of Wichita near the town of Derby, three cars involved. No one was injured.

Scenes 11-13: Shots of salt trucks treating the roads as snow falls.

Scene 14: Wide shot of heavy falling snow over a parking lot at the onset of the storm in west Wichita.

Scenes 15-17: Heavy snow in white street lights.

Scenes 18-20: Big flakes of heavy falling snow in orange street lights.

Scene 21: Wind blowing an American flag in heavy snow.

Scene 22: A large bird (Egret maybe) standing in a pond looking less than thrilled as snow falls around it.

Scene 23-25: Shots of bundled up people in a parking lot.

Scene 26-27: Traffic in west Wichita driving through snow.

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