Kansas Highway Patrol Crash Scene and Wrecks on Icy Roads – 1/22/2020

Overnight snows made for a very dangerous morning commute across the greater Wichita area as slushy roads lead to numerous wrecks, including a wreck involving a Kansas State Trooper who was assisting a vehicle spinoff on I-135 and was hit from behind by a Prius that lost control.

The Trooper was taken to an area hospital with whiplash, but was not serious injured.

Other crashes included a jack-knifed semi in northeast Wichita, a rollover in west Wichita, and other minor spinouts and slideoffs.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-10: Various clips of Trooper-involved crash on I-135 northbound north of Wichita near the suburb of Park City. The trooper was on scene assisting the red vehicle when the grey Prius crashed into the trooper. The patrol SUV was heavily damaged in the rear and the Prius front-end was destroyed. The Trooper was taken to a local hospital with whiplash, the status of the Prius driver is unknown.

Scenes 11-14: Rollover wreck in west Wichita, red vehicle on its side in a ditch.

Scenes 15-19: Jack-knifed semi on K-254 just northeast of Wichita.

Scenes 20-23: Vehicle spun out into the median of K-254 northeast of Wichita.

Scenes 24-26: Vehicle slid off a ramp from K-96 in northwest Wichita, other motorists attempted to assist him in getting out.

Scene 27: Vehicle off the side of a road in north Wichita.

Scene 28: POV driving shot passing snowplow.

Scene 29-31: Shots of traffic in falling snow.

Scene 32-33: Generic shots of falling snow.

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