Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Broad Channel, Rockaway Beach, Breezey Point NY – October 2012

Archive Footage from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012 in Broad Channel, Rockaway Beach, and Breezey Point, New York.

Footage showing the massive destruction from the storm surge, fires, extreme winds and flooding.

This is a virtual tour of the total destruction of the area from Hurricane Sandy, AKA Super Storm Sandy.

Catalog ID: SM Hurricane Sandy 102012 Aftermath ProRes Master

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Hurricane Isabel, 2003 -Archive Footage From Nags Head / Kill Devil Hills, NC

Archive Footage from Hurricane Isabel making landfall in 2003 from Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, North Carolina.

00:08 – Pre Hurricane Video showing boarded up buildings and people getting ready and or waiting for the storm.

01:04 – Hurricane begins to make landfall overnight.

01:30 – Daytime footage of the hurricane force winds hitting, shingles flying, extreme winds, flying debris.

03:30 – Storm Surge and floating debris.

04:26 – More extreme winds footage of people out in the hurricane.

Catalog ID: SM Hurricane Isabel_NC_09182003_AVI_Master.mp4
SID: Scott McPartland
Footage Format: Standard Definition

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