Storm aftermath and cleanup for a second day, St Louis, MO Metro – 7/2/2023

The St. Louis, Missouri area continues to clean up storm damage after several rounds of strong to severe storms hit the area the last couple of days. Damage winds took down several large trees all across the region resulting in power outages and damage to beings homes, yards, fences, and leaving roads and yards littered with debris. The following video captures just some of the miles of damage seen all across the region.
Shot Description

00:00 Wide and medium shot of St. Louis Arch with the city and storms looming in the background.

00:09 Close and medium shots of a large tree snapped toward the base from the strong winds and had fallen onto a home.

00:26 Close video of piles of tree branches lining the road after the strong to severe storms ripped through the region with a utility truck driving through the shot.

00:35 Close, medium, and wide shots of a large tree that was blown over from the roots in the front yard of a home after severe storms ripped through the region.

01:03 Several shots of utility crews working to repair power lines that were knocked down by strong winds and tree branches after severe storms came through the region.

01:35 Medium shot of a power line dangling across the shot as a large chunk of a tree lays on the side of the road in the background and debris is laying in the road.

01:43 Utliltiy truck pulling up to an area where tree branches had fallen on a powerline.

01:53 A couple of clips of a tree/tree branch laying across powerlines and blocking part of the road as cars drive by and around the storm damage.

02:11 Stop lights blinking red after they lost power from severe storms.

02:15 A few clips of a large tree that was snapped at the base and had fallen across the road and had since been cut up following damaging winds from severe storms.

02:29 A clip of someone walking along the sidewalk and around trees laying on the ground blocking the pathway following severe weather.

02:55 A couple of clips of large tree branches that had fallen and crushed a fence from the severe storms.

03:10 A couple of clips of a large chunk of a tree that was snapped from the damaging winds and is hanging in the roadway and blocking a lane of traffic.

03:27 A couple of clips of a large tree that was snapped at the base along a main drag in the St Louis area from the severe storms that came through the area.

03:45 Several large branches that had fallen from the trees and had fallen on a shed in the backyard of a home and then several more branches had fallen in the front yard of a home.

04:10 A couple of clips of the American Flag waving in the wind. The first is a wide shot with a grain silo in the background. The second clip is a close-up of just the American Flag.

SID: Sara Bruce
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