Severe Storms Leave Damage In Their Wake in St. Louis, Missouri 7/1/2023

Strong to severe storms worked across the St. Louis, Missouri area this afternoon resulting in scattered storm damage and heavy rain across the area. The following video shows some of the damage that occurred across the city of St. Louis.
Shot Description

00:00 Video of construction signs that blew over from strong winds as a guy walks around the knocked-over signs.

00:15 Video showing a stoplight that was snapped in half from heavy winds with a large tree blown over in the background.

00:22 Video of a large section of tree that fell over from the severe storms that worked across the region.

00:31 Video of a large section of a tree that fell into the road as vehicles are driving around and by it.

00:42 Several clips shot both medium and close of large tree branches snapped and falling into the road from the severe storms that rolled through the region.

01:33 Medium and close shot videos of tree branches that were snapped and on the ground from severe weather and strong winds.

02:02 Video of heavy rain falling as vehicles drive by and spray water off the roadway.

02:11 Wide and medium shot video of a supercell that is backlit by the sun with traffic driving by in the background.

SID: Sara Bruce
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