Derecho Aftermath (huge wind event) hits Eastern Indiana – 6/29/2023

A cluster of storms began in the Central Plains and tracked across the Midwest Thursday afternoon, reaching eastern Indiana in the early afternoon. This cluster of storms, which will likely be classified as a Derecho, is a long-duration event with intense storms that are known to cause widespread wind damage. Several wind damage reports are being reported all across east-central Indiana with thousands of people without power this evening. The following video is from Brazil and Reelsville, Indiana following the passing of the Derecho.
Shot Description

00:00 Several clips, both close and wide, of a large section of a tree that had fallen on a house from the several winds that occurred from the Derecho.

00:32 Video of power crews working to clear downed trees on power lines and restoring power following the extreme wind storm.

00:53 A wide shot of large tree branches down and a tree that had fallen in the background, with a close shot of the large section of tree laying across the playground surrounded by caution tape.

01:08 Several clips, both close and wide, of large trees blown over and snapped at the base in a park from the stronger winds from the Derecho surrounded by caution tape.

01:35 A couple of clips of a large tree that was uprooted by the strong winds and had fallen on a gazebo in a park surrounded by caution tape.

01:49 A few clips of a large tree snapped at the base next to the Forest Park Band Shell in Brazil, Indiana surrounded by caution tape.

02:17 A couple of clips of several large tree branches laying on the ground in a park in Brazil, Indiana with caution tape blocking off the area.

02:30 A video of a large tree down into the road and a tree branch in the road being blocked by cones following the Derecho that worked through the region.

SID: Kayla Reed
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