Hail Storm in Rice County Minnesota – 7/10/2023

A lot of one-inch plus hail shredding trees and crops in Rice County south of the Twin Cities.
Shot Description

0:00 – 1.25″ Hail falling and bouncing off of ground wider – parked – Rice County near Lonsdale, Minnesota (same below until noted)
0:18 – 1.25″ Hail falling zoom to medium – parked
0:40 – 1.25″ Hail and leaves fall of of trees being shredded – driving
0:55 – 1″ Hail starting to blanket road – driving
1:02 – 1″ Hail starting to blanket road with tire tracks visible in other lane – driving
1:19 – Same with some tree leaves shredded on road – driving
1:57 – Same, tough driving conditions with hail starting to pile on side of road – driving
2:16 – Heavy amount of hail falling, bouncing off vehicle hood, with a small clip slowed down to 25% speed within
2:58 – Thunderstorm tower growing time-lapse – Montgomery, Minnesota
3:10 – Thunderstorm anvil and greater structure spreading time-lapse – Montgomery, Minnesota

SID: Jarrod Schoenecker
#MNWX #hailstorm #hail #stormchasing #stormchasers

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Nor’Easter Flooding, Manasquan, NJ Tidal Flood – 10/2/2015

B-Roll footage of the storm surge, tidal flooding in Manasquan, NJ from a Nor’easter.

Broll of people in the water, people checking out the flooding and large waves crashing.

00:08 – Several clips of people standing in a salt water flooded street talking while holding bicycles and checking out the flooding and then trying to ride away in the flooding.
01:38 – Flooded street with raised homes.
02:47 – Large waves, people checking out the waves crashing, huge waves hitting a sea wall and breaker.

Catalog ID: SM Manasquan NJ Noreaster Major Tidal Flooding 10022015 ProRes HD Master
SID: Scott McPartland
#noreaster #newjersey #NJWX #flooding #flooded #stormsurge #stormchasing

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Massive Hail 4K Stock Footage, Dutchess County, NY 5/15/2018

Massive hailstorm stock footage shot in 4K.

00:00 – Golf Ball to Tennis Ball Hail Falls, Increasing In Intensity As Motorists Pull Off The Highway Looking For Any Shelter.

01:13 – Golf Ball to Tennis Ball Hail Falls, Increasing In Intensity As Motorists Pull Off The Highway Looking For Any Shelter.

06:07 – Motorists Assess Damage To Their Vehicles.

Catalog ID: SM Taconic Pkwy Dutchess County NY Major Hailstorm 05152018 ProRes 4K UHD Master
SID: Scott Mcpartland

#hailstorm #nywx #severestorms #severeweather #severethunderstorms #extremeweather #haildamage

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Lake Effect Winter Snow Storm 4K Archive Footage B-Roll Stock Video

4K Stock Footage from various lake effect snow events in Western, New York.
00:05 – Driving in whiteout conditions in a lake effect snow storm.
00:52 – Snow plow in whiteout conditions and deep snow.
01:17 – White out conditions B-Roll at night.
02:56 – Someone digging out of the snow with a shovel as the heavy snow is falling.
03:12 – Horse and Buggy in the heavy snow.
03:20 – B-Roll of heavy snow and intersection with traffic.
03:45 – Indistinguishable person walking in the heavy snow.
04:00 – Snow cleanup as the snow is still falling with a modified tractor as a snow blower.
04:23 – Indistinguishable person pulling snow off a roof with a snow rake to lower the weight of the snow on the roof.
04:51 – Stop sign buried in the snow.
05:03 – Mail boxes covered in deep snow with a pan show to deep snow banks on the curb with traffic.
05:13 – People trying to walk their dogs in the deep snow.
05:30 – Camper buried in deep snow.
05:43 – Pulaski and Syracuse signs in heavy snow.
05:54 – Long shot of people filling up their vehicles with fuel in the heavy snow and whiteout conditions.
06:10 – Traffic in whiteout conditions.
06:37 – Snow plow trying to clear a fuel station.
06:45 – Roof Snow Avalanche, video of heavy deep snow falling off a metal roof as it slides off the roof.

Catalog ID: SM Lake Effect Snow Highlights 4K UHD ProRes Master
SID: Scott McPartland
#stockvideo #archivevideo #stockfootage #lakeeffect #lakeeffectsnow #snowstorm #whiteout #blizzard

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Hurricane Florence Archive Footage, Sept 13 & 14, 2018 Wilmington, NC

4K Archive footage from Hurricane Florence that hit Wilmington, North Carolina on September 13th and 14th, 2018.

00:07 – Downed traffic lights blowing in the high wind.
00:32 – Power Flashes from the power going out due to flying debris.
00:50 – Flying debris in the extreme winds.
01:00 – Lights flashing as the storm starts to knock out the electricity.
01:20 – Various shot of extreme winds through the night.
06:35 – Daylight footage of the hurricane force winds.
07:19 – Aftermath flooding footage.

Catalog ID: SM Hurricane Florence Wilmington NC 2018 ProRes UHD Master
SID: Scott McPartland
#Hurricane #hurricaneflorence #NorthCarolina #stockvideo #stormchasing

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4K Stock Tornado Footage and Vivid Lightning B-Roll From May 2016

00:00 Raw Tornado footage and vivid stock lightning footage from Leoti, Kansas on 5/21/2016.

00:08 – Tornado forming over an open farm field with rapid rotation and rain curtains rotating around the tornado.

1:10 – Storm clouds spinning and the wind is screaming as a tornado crosses the road in front of storm chasers.

02:06 – May 24th, 2016 – Dodge City, Kansas Tornadoes. Footage of multiple classic tornadoes.

08:00 – May 22nd, 2016 Spearman, Texas Wedge Tornado.

Catalog ID: SM Tornadoes Of 2016 4K DCI ProRes Master

SID: Scott McPartland
#tornadoes #tornado #stormchasing #stormchasers #funnelcloud #wedgetornado #tornadooutbreak

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4K Hurricane Irma Archive Footage from September 8-10, 2017 Florida

Archive footage shot in 4K of Hurricane Irma from September 8th to the 10th, 2017 that covers evacuation, preparations and landfall of the storm.

00:05 – Scenes around the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Airport of people trying to evacuate out of the area to get away from Hurricane Irma.
01:17 – Scenes of people lining up to buy fuel and fill up their gas cans before the hurricane.
02:01 – Scenes from around Punta Gorda, Florida of Hurricane Irma making landfall as the high winds starts to impact the area with flying debris.
07:30 – Scenes as the nighttime begins as the eye wall hits the area.

Catalog ID: SM Hurricane Irma FL 09102017 ProRes UHD Master
#hurricaneIrma #flwx #Hurricane #hurricanedamage #StormSurge #stormdebris

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Tropical Storm Isaias Hits Rockaway, NY – 8/4/2020

Tropical Storm Isaias swept up the east coast, bringing hurricane force wind gusts to the New York City Metro during the afternoon of August 4th, 2020. Isaias swept up the east coast causing widespread wind damage and flooding from Florida to Upstate New York. Isaias was the 2nd tropical system to affect the NYC Metro in a months time. Dave Lewison and myself filmed at Rockaway Beach during the late morning and early afternoon as the storm peaked in intensity in my area.

Catalog ID: SM Hurricane Isaias Rockaway Beach NY 08042020 ProRes UHD Master

SID: Scott McPartland
#Hurricane #TropicalStorm #TropicalstormIsaias #newyorkcity #NYChurricane

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Hurricane Sandy Makes Landfall in Queens, New York Oct 28/29, 2012

Archive Footage from Hurricane Sandy making landfall in Queens, New York.

00:10 – Footage of Interviews with residents getting ready for the storm, surfers before the storm and people watching the prep work as the police kick everyone off the boardwalk as the winds start to pick up.

04:13 – Storm surge flooding starts as the storm starts to move towards the coast.

10:40 – Storm surge and extreme winds begin to impact the coast with flying debris and flooded roads.

11:08 – Flying Debris starts to get extremely dangerous.

11:45 – Footage of the flying debris, extreme winds and flooding as the sun sets and the hurricane begins to make landfall.

Catalog ID: SM Hurricane Sandy Preps Landfall 102012 ProRes Master

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