Hail Storm in Rice County Minnesota – 7/10/2023

A lot of one-inch plus hail shredding trees and crops in Rice County south of the Twin Cities.
Shot Description

0:00 – 1.25″ Hail falling and bouncing off of ground wider – parked – Rice County near Lonsdale, Minnesota (same below until noted)
0:18 – 1.25″ Hail falling zoom to medium – parked
0:40 – 1.25″ Hail and leaves fall of of trees being shredded – driving
0:55 – 1″ Hail starting to blanket road – driving
1:02 – 1″ Hail starting to blanket road with tire tracks visible in other lane – driving
1:19 – Same with some tree leaves shredded on road – driving
1:57 – Same, tough driving conditions with hail starting to pile on side of road – driving
2:16 – Heavy amount of hail falling, bouncing off vehicle hood, with a small clip slowed down to 25% speed within
2:58 – Thunderstorm tower growing time-lapse – Montgomery, Minnesota
3:10 – Thunderstorm anvil and greater structure spreading time-lapse – Montgomery, Minnesota

SID: Jarrod Schoenecker
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