Lake Effect Winter Snow Storm 4K Archive Footage B-Roll Stock Video

4K Stock Footage from various lake effect snow events in Western, New York.
00:05 – Driving in whiteout conditions in a lake effect snow storm.
00:52 – Snow plow in whiteout conditions and deep snow.
01:17 – White out conditions B-Roll at night.
02:56 – Someone digging out of the snow with a shovel as the heavy snow is falling.
03:12 – Horse and Buggy in the heavy snow.
03:20 – B-Roll of heavy snow and intersection with traffic.
03:45 – Indistinguishable person walking in the heavy snow.
04:00 – Snow cleanup as the snow is still falling with a modified tractor as a snow blower.
04:23 – Indistinguishable person pulling snow off a roof with a snow rake to lower the weight of the snow on the roof.
04:51 – Stop sign buried in the snow.
05:03 – Mail boxes covered in deep snow with a pan show to deep snow banks on the curb with traffic.
05:13 – People trying to walk their dogs in the deep snow.
05:30 – Camper buried in deep snow.
05:43 – Pulaski and Syracuse signs in heavy snow.
05:54 – Long shot of people filling up their vehicles with fuel in the heavy snow and whiteout conditions.
06:10 – Traffic in whiteout conditions.
06:37 – Snow plow trying to clear a fuel station.
06:45 – Roof Snow Avalanche, video of heavy deep snow falling off a metal roof as it slides off the roof.

Catalog ID: SM Lake Effect Snow Highlights 4K UHD ProRes Master
SID: Scott McPartland
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