Central Alabama Lightning and Tornado B-Roll – 1/3/2023

Tornadoes, Shelf Clouds and Intense Lightning across Central Alabama
Shot Description

00:00 (4 Clips) Extremely close lightning from the ground and air by drone
00:33 Tornado crosses road and the RFD sends debris flying across roadway near Deatsville, AL
01:03 Timelapse of Mesocyclone of Tornado warned storm with insane updraft and very strong rotation near Sweetwater, AL
01:29 Drone Timelapse of Mesocyclone of Tornado Warned Storm near Sweetwater, AL
01:43 Lowering Wall Cloud of Tornadic Supercell near Selma, AL
01:51 (2 Clips) Shelf Clouds of Tornado warned storm near Eclectic, AL
02:05 (4 Clips) Timelapse and Regular Shots-Insane Mesocyclone Supercell near Midway, AL

SID: Michael Gordon Simon Brewer
#Tornado #ALWX #Lightning #stormchasing

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