Rice Lake, WI Winter Storm – 1/3/2023

A winter storm hit the area this afternoon. The storm produced two rounds of heavy wet snow. The first wave caused some problems on the roads. The second wavy of snow was heavier than the first one. Total snowfall from today is sitting around 4 1/2 to 5 inches of snow. This video package will show an accident along with someone not making his turn. This video will also show the heavy snow falling and the very low visibility in the heavy snow.
Shot Description

Clips 1-2. Shows a vehicle that lost control and ran into the ditch, as it was coming off HWY 53 onto to the off ramp to Rice Lake.
Clip 3. A tow truck backing up on the off ramp to pull the vehicle back onto the road.
Clip 4. The tow truck pulling the vehicle out of the ditch.
Clip 5. A car sliding almost past it’s turn.
Clip 6. Shows the very low visibility with the heavy snow falling.
Clip 7-8. Someone clearing the snow from their vehicle.
Clip 9. Heavy snow falling and accumulating to the trees.
Clip 10. Slow moving traffic in the city of Rice Lake with heavy snow falling.
Clip 11. Snow covered vehicles with traffic driving through the shot.
Clip 12. Heavy snow falling with traffic driving through the shot.
Clip 13-14. This was the start of the second wave of heavy wet snow.
Clip 15. Icicles hanging from the snow that is ready to fall off a metal roof.
Clip 16. A closer shot of the icicles.
Clip 17. A sign that is starting to get snow accumulating on it.
Clip 18. Snow falling of the solar panels.
Clip 19. A closer shot of the snow falling of the solar panels.

SID: Dirk Miller
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