Oklahoma City Heavy Sleet Accumulation – 2/23/2022

Thunder sleet feel across parts of the Oklahoma City area resulting in several inches of sleet causing slick conditions across the region Wednesday morning and afternoon. The following video is from across the Oklahoma City metro showing the impacts across several highways across the region.
Shot Description

00:00 Truck broken down on side of highway that is sleet/snow covered road as traffic drives by.
00:21 Hazy Oklahoma City skyline due to falling heavy snow and sleet with a wintery scene in the foreground.
00:25 Traffic driving by on sleet and snow covered freeway in Oklahoma City
01:40 Overhead shot from freeway overpass of traffic driving down a snow/sleet covered roadway.
01:51 Traffic driving by on sleet covered freeway traffic causing the snow and sleet to fly up, semis passing by as additional sleet is falling.
02:11 Winter scenes from the Lake Hefner Lighthouse

SID: Manuel Nava
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