Tornado Warned Storms After Dark, Huntsville, AL – 2/22/2022

Tornado Warned Storms sweep across Mississippi and Alabama with lightning
Shot Description

00:00 Tornado warned storm with lightning in the middle of supercell rotation at Huntsville International Airport
00:10 Time Lapse of storm over Huntsville International Airport
00:29 Lightning over Huntsville, AL
00:38 Supercell producing lightning over Guin, AL
00:41 (2 Clips) Emergency Personnel working on downed power lines from possible Tornado in Hazel Green, AL
01:07 Lightning being produced from tornado warned storm near Huntsville, AL
01:19 Large supercell structure near Guin, AL with lightning
01:25 Supercells starting to form near Shannon, MS

SID: Michael Gordon
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