Heavy Sleet Winter Scenes Oklahoma City – 2/23/2022

Oklahoma City saw moderate to heavy sleet on February 23, 2022 which resulted in times to some thunder sleet. Several inches of sleet had fallen leading to slick conditions across parts of the metro area. The following are clips from across the metro showing the impacts of this winter storm across the greater Oklahoma City area.
Shot Description

00:00 Dump truck full of dirt that was being contracted out by the state to spread the material to gain traction on the roads parked in a parking lot with moderate to heavy sleet falling in the foreground.
00:08 Traffic driving down the a sleet/snow covered highway in OKC.
00:16 Heavy snow and sleet falling as vehicles drive through an intersection next to I-40 in Oklahoma City, the road completely covered in several inches in sleet/snow.
00:21 Car on the side of the road as traffic drives by on a partial sleet/snow covered highway as moderate/heavy sleet/snow continues to fall.
00:29 EMSA ambulance sitting in a gas station parking lot in OKC with the lot in the foreground completely covered in sleet/snow.
00:37 Overhead shot from a four lane highway with only one clear lane in either direction the rest of the road covered in sleet/snow traffic driving by as precipitation continues to fall.
1:01 Sleet/snow covered Soybean field in the foreground with power plant in the background giving off giant plumes of exhaust and sleet continues to fall.

SID: Hunter Conaway
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