Knoxville Arkansas I40 double jackknife wreck – 2/23/2022

Double semi-tractor trailer jackknife wreck on I-40 near Knoxville Arkansas during icing conditions from winter storm. Wrecks have blocked both westbound and eastbound I-40.
Westbound has a truck jackknifed and another vehicle rolled over into the woods. Eastbound has jackknifed truck is hanging off a bridge. The wrecks happened about 1000 feet apart and were captured with the same remote highway camera.
Shot Description

1) Looking westbound. Long clip of westbound jackknifed semi truck right in front of camera. Another vehicle involved went off the road and rolled over into the woods. Crews with lights are working to search and rescue in the woods.
2) Looking eastbound. Emergency vehicle headed toward westbound wreck while another eastbound wreck is in the distance with EMS vehicles. Trucks are backing up on westbound from blocked highway.
3) Another shot of westbound wreck with people by car
4) Shot of eastbound wreck with EMS workers in foreground in westbound lanes with flashlights.
6,7,8,9,10,11) Six wide and closer shots of the eastbound jacknife wreck with lots of EMS activity and semi-truck traffic backing up on I-40 westbound.


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