Beacon, NY intense snow squall – 2/19/2022

An intense snow squall plowed through southern NY state, bringing strong winds, intense snow and rapidly falling temperatures. Visibility was near white-out conditions while the squall was in progress, but it only lasted about 15 minutes.

Shot Description
SHOT 1 & 2: Blowing snow created ground blizzard conditions.
SHOT 3 & 4: Strong winds created temporary blizzard conditions as the squall moved through Beacon NY.
SHOT 5: The snow was so intense, it lowered visibility to only a couple hundred feet.
SHOT 6: Blowing snow made walking treacherous.
SHOT 7: Timelapse of the snow squall approaching Beacon NY.
SHOT 8: Intense snow being blown by strong winds as the squall passed through.
SHOT 9: A truck drives by during the snow squall in bad visibility.

SID: David Lewison

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