I29 Winter Storm Southeast North Dakota Spinouts – 2/21/2022

Heavy snowfall and strong winds created difficult travel for morning commuters south of Fargo, ND to the SD border on Interstate 29. Multiple were seen in the ditch or median, one tow in progress was captured on camera.
Shot Description

1) A vehicle being aggressively towed (tow strap breaks at first snapping back at pickup) out of the median of I-29 by a pickup. Unfortunate damage to the vehicles bumper. Near Galchutt, ND
2) A look down I-29 at conditions in the same area at northbound traffic
3) Multiple scenes of vehicles stuck off in ditches or median on I-29
4) Overhead look at snow packed I-29 at the Galchutt overpass
5) Huge drifts accumulate from wind driven snow on overpasses.

SID: Jason Bednar

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