Mayfield, KY Hit By Ice Storm 2/3/2022

Crippling Winter Ice Storm wreaks Havoc across Tennessee and into Kentucky
Shot Description

00:00 American Flag frozen to light pole in downtown Mayfield, KY
00:13 Frozen Mayfield, KY sign
00:19 Ice covered trees with a tree fallen over roadway with ice covered roads
00:26 Trees dangling over roadway covered in ice
00:35 Ice coated trees and bushes covering roadway
00:39 Tree laying on roadway due to heavy ice accumulation
00:44 Tennesse State Line sign coated with icicles
00:49 Transformers covered in ice with large icicles dangling below
00:58 Large tree laying in roadway from ice
01:03 Heavy ice covered branches with a snapped off limb
01:06 Trees heavily coated in ice leaning over roadway
01:10 Very large trees near residence drooping severely from the ice storm
01:17 Up close heavy ice accumulation
01:22 Pine trees covered in ice from winter storm
01:28 Up close shot of ice accumulating on pine needles
01:38 Heavy ice accumulation on brush near roadway
01:42 Pine tree dangling over truck in driveway due to heavy ice
01:45 Stop sign and road sign covered in heavy ice and icicles
01:50 Dollar General sign covered in ice
01:56 Trees swaying in the wind coated with heavy ice
02:00 Ice coated power lines with icicles dangling
02:10 Ice covered trees in front yard of residence
02:15 Limb broken off pine tree coated in ice

SID: Michael Gordon
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