Interstate 55 Major Ice Storm, Steele, MO – 2/3/2022

Winter Ice Storm turns dangerous as roadways become sheets of ice
Shot Description

00:00 MHC Semi cab laying in median of I-55 near Steele, MO mangled and heavily destroyed
00:06 Semi Tractor Trailer rolled on its side on the on ramp of I-55
00:17 Truck being pulled from the snow after sliding off the road due to heavy icing
00:22 Passenger SUV off the embankment with heavy damage to rear of vehicle on I-57
00:30 Multiple vehicles off I-57 waiting to be towed with heavy police traffic
00:35 2 Semis stuck on both sides of I-57 after sliding off road
00:45 Semi stuck on side of I-57 waiting to be towed
00:51 Heavy police traffic on I-57 near multiple vehicle wrecks
01:04 SUV on side of I-57 after being struck by semi

SID: Michael Gordon
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