Lebanon, MO Winter Storm Icy Road Accidents – 2/3/2022

Missouri Winter Storm Travel Nightmares on I-44
Shot Description

00:00 Semi tractor trailer being hoisted from median with tow truck
00:14 Semi stuck off the road on I-44
00:21 Heavy snow falling as Audi stuck off road trying to be pushed out of the snow
00:34 Multiple snow plows leading way of traffic on I-44 during heavy snowfall
00:42 Semi stuck off interstate with tow truck getting ready to pull out
00:53 Semi trailer flipped upside down off I-44
01:07 Passenger car slammed median lines as state trooper is directing traffic
01:13 State Trooper protecting stuck truck driver that slid off roadway
01:21 BMW slid off I-44 and is stuck in heavy snow
01:33 During heavy ice the car slides across highway and hits embankment with multiple safety personnel on scene
01:46 Snow plow throwing snow and ice off roadway
01:53 Tractor trailer stuck in median of I-44
02:00 Abandoned vehicle in median covered in snow
02:04 Oncoming snow plow throwing snow into median

SID: Michael Gordon
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