Stuck Cars, Difficult Travel, Deep Snow, Blizzard Condition Plymouth, MA – 1/29/2022

A powerful blizzard affected all of eastern Massachusetts, knocking out power to thousands of residents and causing numerous vehicles to get stuck in deep snow drifts.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: People push to free a Police car from a snow drift in Plymouth, MA
SHOT 2: People puch to free a vehicle stuck in a snow drift
SHOT 3: A snow plow passes by in blizzard conditions at night
SHOT 4: People walking in snowshoes during blizzard conditions
SHOT 5: Two people walking in the middle of the road in blizzard conditions
SHOT 6: Heavy snow and strong winds buffet a parked car in Plymouth MA
SHOT 7: Heavy snow and strong winds blow past a house in Plymouth MA
SHOT 8 & 9: Several utility trucks pass by during heavy snow in Plymouth MA
SHOT 10: A car gets stuck in a deep snow drift and spins its wheels
SHOT 11: A deep snow drift on the side of a building
SHOT 12: Nearly every gas station in Plymouth was closed due to the storm, leaving residents and utility workers without means to obtain fuel

SID: David Lewison
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