Late Afternoon – Evening Blizzard Accidents, Plymouth. MA – 1/29/2022

A powerful blizzard continues to batter coastal New England, including the Plymouth, MA area causing vehicle accidents, whiteout conditions, and stranding motorists during the late afternoon and evening hours.
Shot Description

0:00- Various shots of emergency responders and the State Police at the scene of a vehicle accident as heavy snow continues to fall near Plymouth, MA.
0:38- Good Samaritans help push a motorist out of deep snow in Plymouth, MA.
0:48- Various shots of pedestrians struggling to walk in heavy snow near Plymouth, MA.
1:13- A motorist is stuck in deep snow in Plymouth, MA.
1:29- A snow plow clears deep snow off of Samoset Street after dark in Plymouth, MA.
1:42- Powerful winds continue to create near blizzard conditions after dark on Samoset Street in Plymouth, MA.
2:02- A row of cars are buried under deep snow in Plymouth, MA.
2:15- Deep snow drifts climb halfway up the front window of a Remax store on Samoset Street in Plymouth, MA.
2:30- Snow blowing past street lights in Plymouth, MA.

SID: Scott McPartland
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