Smokey Mountains Winter Storm, Bristol, TN – 1/17/2022

Winter Storm Warning in the Great Smokey Mountains minimizes visibillity on the highways.
Shot Description

00:00 (2 Clips) Tractor Trailer getting pulled out of the snow from 2 tow trucks on I-81 near Bristol, TN
00:17 Snow coming down on I-81 near Bristol, TN starting to diminish visibility
00:32 Snowplow cleaning the roads up on I-26 near Mars Hill, NC
00:48 (2 Clips) Tractor Trailer slid off the road during the storm yesterday and is sitting on side of road covered in snow
01:01 (4 Clips) Snow falling at a rapid rate deteriorating visibility and causing traffic issues
01:35 Snowplow cleaning I-26 up after overnight and early morning snow
1:40 (3 Clips) Children enjoying in the snow sledding in the Great Smoky Mountains

SID: Michael Gordon
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