Ground Blizzard Warning and Spin Outs, Fargo, ND – 1/18/2022

A blizzard warning is now in effect for eastern ND. This video was filmed while traveling southbound on I-29 from Hillsboro, ND, to Fargo, ND. Visibility and road conditions deteriorated quickly and plummeting temps helped blowing snow freeze to the roadways. I-29 was a sheet of ice at times, causing several vehicles to end up in the ditch.
Shot Description

1) Complete whiteout at times on Interstate 29 near Hillsboro, ND

2) Driving into rest area along I-29, scenes of people in strong winds

3) I-29 completely iced up, blowing snow with slow travel 10 miles north of Fargo

4) Several clips of vehicles off the roadway in Fargo, ND

5) I-29 ground blizzard driving

SID: Jason Bednar

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