Lockport, NY Was Buried From The Winter Storm – 1/17/2022

Lockport, NY buried under almost 2 feet of snow from powerful winter storm. Cars, neighborhood under deep snow, with residents clearing paths.

All footage shot during morning daylight on January 17, 2022 in Lockport, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer

Shot Description

1. man with dog shovels sidewalk in front of home in Lockport NY

2-11. various shot of people clearing driveways and sidewalks with homes and cars buried under nearly 2 feet of snow in Lockport NY

12-15. shots of varies vehicles with large amounts of snow on roof in Lockport, NY

16-20. various shots of pedestrians walking on streets, because snow is so deep in Lockport, NY

21-28. various shots of buried cars, traffic, and police in Lockport, NY

SID: Simon Brewer
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