Lawton IA Tornado And Storm Damage – 12/15/2021

Damaging tornado crosses highway in Lawton, IA downing huge high voltage transmission power line towers.
Tornado Damage in Lytton, IA
Tornado Damage in Bayard, IA

All footage shot in/near towns of Lawton, Lytton, and Bayard, Iowa during evening daylight and darkness on December 15, 2021 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer and Michael Gordon
Shot Description

1-3. shots of tornado over Lawton, Iowa

4 & 5. large high voltage electrical towers downed by tornado in Lawton, IA

6-13. heavily damaged hog farm, debris, and farm damaged by tornado near Lytton, IA

14-16. overturned semi truck near Lytton, IA

17-20. various shots of power outage in Lytton, IA with emergency crews blocking roads into town because of large natural gas leak

21. large leaning power poles near Bayard, IA

22 & 23. damage house in Bayard, IA

24. emergency crews near Bayard, IA

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