Central, IA Tornado Aftermath Ground Footage – 12/15/2021

Ground Footage of Aftermath caused by multiple December Tornadoes throughout Central Iowa. Wreaking Havoc as the Tornadoes damaged multiple communities scattering debris in every direction.

All footage shot by Meteorologist Simon Brewer and Professional Storm Chaser Michael Gordon
Shot Description

00:00 Shop destroyed from Tornado
00:09 Shop blown apart from violent Tornado
00:20 Tree completely snapped from the Tornado
00:26 Tornado explodes shop and scatters it across roadway with law enforcement on scene
00:35 Shop scattered across roadway
00:43 True definition of shop across roadway with trusses standing from the Tornado
00:50 View of debris across roadway with law enforcement parked blocking the path
00:59 Titan Machinery building roof peeled off from Tornado scattering insulation
01:06 Roofing metal and tree debris scattered across yard
01:16 Roofing metal violently swinging on power lines with lightning in background
01:30 View from inside vehicle of roofing metal violently swinging on power lines with lightning in background
01:44 Metal and tree limbs scattered across yard
01:51 Kingsley, IA Flag violently blowing in the wind as the Tornado hits to the east
01:59 Power Poles snapped off along roadway
02:14 Flying debris across roadway from powerful winds
02:21 Large power poles snapped off and dangling in the wind from powerful Tornado
02:39 Large tree over roadway on top of power pole
02:46 Metal debris scattered throughout field with some metal wrapped around power pole

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