Heartland, MN Extensive Storm Damage and Close Lightning 12/15/2021

Epic Lightning on the tornado warned storm in Freeborn county just south of the town of Heartland that was hit with a possible tornado. Footage then continues with an extensive damage survey of the down showing numerous building and homes damaged including damage to the back side of the post office, a destroyed bank and several severely damaged businesses and homes.
Shot Description

Clip 1-2 Vivid epic close lightning that was shot on Red Komodo
Clip 3 People walking over the debris in Heartland
Clip 4 – 5 Large RV Flipped on its side
Clip 6 Bank severely damaged
Clip 7 Utility pole leaning over fire truck
Clip 8-9 Wide shots of clips 6-7
Clip 10 Side of the Heartland Fire Engine on the scene
Clip 11 Side of a Sheriff vehicle on the scene
Clip 12 Bricks laying on the ground on the east side of the bank
Clip 13 Sheet metal blowing on the ground that was ripped off a building nearby
Clip 14 West side of the bank with heavy damage
Clip 15 – 16 Main street with debris in the road
Clip 17 – 18 Law Enforcement putting up tape to block off the scene
Clip 19 – 20 Heavily damaged building
Clip 21 Snow on the ground with debris on the ground
Clip 22 – 23 Car covered in debris
Clip 24 Damaged home with debris blowing in the wind
Clip 25 Another damaged business
Clip 26 Downed power transformer
Clip 27 Tight shot of bricks on the road near the bank
Clip 28 Damaged home covered in debris
Clip 29 Tree destroyed
Clip 30 Debris all over the place
Clip 32 Debris covering an alley and damaged building
Clip 33 -34 Debris covering the ground
Clip 35 – 38 Back of the heavily damaged Post Office building
Clip 39 Corner of a building missing

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