Jamaica Bay, Howard Beach NYC PM Severe Storms – 8/21/2019

Severe thunderstorms roll over Jamaica Bay and the North Channel Bridge in Howard Beach, Queens near the Rockaways during rush hour, catching wind surfers, fisherman and picnickers off guard with torrential rains and high winds.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Timelapse sequence of storm clouds approaching the NYC Skyline (Empire State Building can be seen on the left).
Shot 2: Wind surfers out on Jamaica Bay with storm clouds in the background.
Shot 3: Timelapse sequence of ominous storm clouds approaching shore.
Shot 4: A woman in a bikini is caught out in torrential rains.
Shots 5-8: Fisherman, picnickers, and wind surfers caught in torrential rains run for cover at the North Channel Bridge along Jamaica Bay.
Shot 9: Torrential windswept rains falling in a parking lot.
Shots 10: A wind surfer is caught in torrential rains as he loads his vehicle
Shot 11: People seek shelter under and overhang at the North Channel Bridge in Howard Beach, Queens NY as torrential rains fall.
Shot 12: Ominous storm clouds take over the Manhattan skyline (the Freedom Tower can be seen in the center of the frame).

SID: Scott McPartland

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