Wichita, KS Flash Flood Chaos – 8/21/2019

Severe thunderstorms with torrential rain blew up over Wichita in the early evening hours on Wednesday. Two-and-a-half inches of rain came down in about an hour with Wichita National Airport officially measuring 2.43-inches. Flash flooding occurred all across town, stranding dozens of vehicles that tried to drive through the high water.

Video shot in west Wichita along West Street between Central and 2nd Ave. Over two feet of water covered the road, stranding 13 vehicles in a four block stretch of West Street.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Panning shot of fire truck with lights flashing driving through flooded street.

Scene 2: Oncoming vehicle with water going up over the hood driving through the flood water.

Scene 3: Wide shot of flooded street with two people walking through flood waters.

Scene 4: Man standing in rain and flood waters next to stranded vehicle.

Scene 5: Wide shot of flood scene with nine stranded cars in the frame as one vehicle navigates through the flood waters and stranded cars.

Scene 6: Tight shot of oncoming truck pushing through water.

Scene 7: Shot of a grey car stranded in flooding as waters wash up over the grass.

Scene 8: White van navigating through stranded vehicles in flood waters.

Scene 9: Two people attempting to push red pickup out of flood waters.

Scene 10: Three cars stuck in flood waters.

Scene 11: Two people pushing silver car through flood waters.

Scene 12: Red truck and SUV stuck in flood waters.

Scene 13: Wide shot of three stranded vehicles in flood water.

Scene 14: Shot of car and gold truck stuck in flood water.

Scene 15: Tight shot of gold truck stuck in flood waters.

Scene 16: Stranded blue car in flood water.

Scene 17: Blue pickup truck slowly driving through flood water.

Scene 18: Red truck plowing through flood waters passing the fire truck.

Scene 19: Shot looking over flooding scene with emergency crews blocking the road in the background.

Scene 20: Fire truck parked next to stranded car.

Scene 21: Two fire fighters walking to stranded car.

Scene 22: Shot of fire fighters talking to vehicle occupants, a senior couple stuck in the water.

Scene 23: Wide shot of fire fighters at stranded car with a woman next to another stranded car.

Scene 24: Looking at front of stranded car as more fire fighters and people arrive to help push out the car.

Scene 25: Seven people, including three fire fighters, pushing that senior couple out of the water.

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