New York City, NY Severe Storm and Rainbow – 8/21/2019

Dramatic shelf and wall cloud over Manhattan, New York City, NY as severe storm passes over the Big Apple! Heavy rain, thunder and rainbow following the storm.

All footage shot in New York City, NY on August 21, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Shot Description

1. wide shot of dramatic shelf cloud over Manhattan and Brooklyn NY

2 & 3. pushed-in shots of wall cloud over Manhattan

4. shot of giant shelf cloud over Brooklyn

5 and 6. wide shots of severe storm consuming Manhattan and Brooklyn

7. pushed-in shots of Empire State Building disappearing in heavy rain from severe storm

8 and 9. shots of Manhattan skyline disappearing in heavy rain from severe t-storm

10-12. various pushed-in shots of heavy rain falling from severe t-storm in NYC

13-16. various shots of big double rainbow over NYC

SID: Simon Brewer

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