Rice Lake, WI Blowing Snow and High Winds – 2/24/2019

Another major winter storm plows through Northwestern Wisconsin overnight into the morning hours. This storm packed winds 20 to 25 MPH with gusts up to 30 to 38 MPH. This caused widespread blowing and drifting snow with near to whiteout conditions in and around Rice Lake Wisconsin. This video package focused in on the blowing snow.

Shot Description
Clip 1. Whiteout conditions on the west side of Rice Lake Wisconsin.
Clip 2. Whiteout conditions west of Rice Lake, with a truck driving through the shot.
Clips 3-5. Blowing snow.
Clip 6-7. Pines trees with blowing snow.
Clip 8. Shows a road nearly drifted shut with blowing and snow falling.
Clip 9. Blowing snow in the city of Rice Lake.
Clips 10-12. Blowing snow off of different roofs.
Clip 13. Someone shoveling snow.
Clip 14. A Wisconsin State Patrol ready for calls.
Clip 15. A flag blowing in the strong winds.

SID: Dirk Miller

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