Hays, KS Blizzard Shuts Down Interstate 70 – 2/23/2019

Fierce winter storm continues to wreak havoc on the city of Hays. Heavy snow and strong winds force road closures of both I-70 (East and West bound lanes), as well as US 183 North to the Nebraska/Kansas Border. Motorist are rendered stranded with nowhere to go until the storm has passed and roads are cleared.

Shot List:

1) Fort Hays Historical Sign
2) Backhoe pulling pickup out of ditch
3) I-70 road closed sign
4) Officer blocking traffic from traveling Northbound US 183
5) State Troopers closing I-70
6-9) Truckers Stranded due to road closures
10-12) City/County plows clearing roads
13) Iced over roads/intense wind gusts drifting snow

SID: Pepper Brooks

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