Garden City, KS Blizzard Ends And Clean Up Begins – 2/23/2019

The quick, but hard hitting blizzard dumped nearly a foot of snow over portions of western Kansas before clearing out and giving way to sun, allowing residents to start to dig out. In Garden City, 11-inches of snow came down in less than 9 hours time, averaging over 1-inch per hours for the duration of the storm. All highways in and out of Garden City were closed for several hours during the peak of the storm.

Video package shot during the ladder part of the blizzard, and in the hours following when clean up began.

Shot Description
Scene 1: Shot of an overpass in Garden City as heavy snow falls.

Scene 2-4: POV driving shots following a police officer truck along US-400 east of town as officials closed the highway.

Scene 5: POV driving shot following a plow down an exit ramp.

Scene 6: Wide shot of a gas station in near whiteout conditions.

Scene 7-8: A man walking to his semi truck in extreme blowing snow.

Scene 9: Tight shot of man at his truck in blowing snow.

Scene 10-17: Various shots of semis parked at a truck stop on the north side of town with extreme blowing snow and excellent NAT sound of the wind.

Scene 18-20: Shots of snowy streets in Garden City with passing traffic in low visibility.

Scene 21: After the blizzard ended and the sun came out, a pickup truck getting pushed out of a snowbank in his driveway by another SUV.

Scene 22: The white pickup almost getting out of the snowbank.

Scene 23: The pickup gets out of the snowbank and onto the road.

Scene 24-25: Blowing snow across a road as a vehicle passes through.

Scene 26: Shot of stranded vehicle with oncoming truck pulling up to it in blowing snow.

Scene 27: Wide shot of road with a stranded car in blowing snow.

Scene 28-29: Front and back shots of a vehicle stuck in snow on a road that’s buried in almost a foot of snow.

Scene 30: Black pickup driving down ruts in a snow-covered street.

Scene 31: A man and two kids walking down the road as some snow blows in the wind.

Scene 32-33: Person snowblowing a sidewalk.

Scene 34-38: Various shots of a front-end loader piling snow into the middle of Main Street in downtown Garden City.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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