Colorado Springs, CO Cars Struggle Up Steep Hills during Heavy Snow – 2/23/2019

A tow truck and a number of cars struggle up West Fillmore St. and other roads after snowfall causes slick roads February 22, 2019 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Shot Description
0:00 – A tow truck and another vehicle spin their tires traveling up West Fillmore St.

0:56 – Multiple cars struggle at the same time to travel up the street.

1:10 – Closeup shots of same cars struggling up the hill.

1:30 – Wide shot of intersection.

1:42 – Snow plow plowing the intersection.

1:51 – Closeup of snowplow plowing road.

2:02 – Car with hazard lights on up the hill with road closed signs at the intersection.

2:10 – Closeup of car with hazard lights up the closed road.

2:17 – Woman clearing snowy windows.

2:37 – Snowplow clearing road.

3:00 – Man walking through parking lot in snow.

3:08 – Midshot of parking lot in snow.

3:14 – Closeup of American flag in blowing snow.

3:21 – Car covered in snow.

3:32 – Car covered in snow closeup.

3:42 – Cars stuck on hill.

4:24 – Driving shot of cars on highways.

4:49 – Cars driving down I-25.

5:06 – Cars stuck on snowy hill.
SID: Trevor Cokley

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