Intense Blizzard and Whiteout in Garden City, KS – 2/23/2019

Major blizzard impacting western Kansas Saturday morning with snowfall rates in excess of 2″ per hour at times with winds gusting to near 60mph causing white out conditions across the area. Many local highways began closing just after 10am. Up to a foot of snow is possible with drifts measuring several feet in places.

Shot Description
Scenes 1-4: Shots of a minor crash in Garden City with police on scene in white out conditions.

Scene 5-6: A semi truck stuck in the snow on US-83 on the east side of town with a cop behind it to signal drivers of the blockage.

Scene 7: Snowplow in whiteout conditions trying to clear US-400 on the east side of town.

Scene 8: Truck with flatbed and two vehicles on it driving through intense white out conditions.

Scene 9: Snow plow driving away from camera in white out.

Scene 10: Black truck in white out conditions.

Scene 11: Black truck disappearing into white out conditions.

Scene 12: Oncoming traffic in white out conditions.

Scene 13: POV driving shots in white out conditions.

Scene 14: Semi trucks driving by camera in white out.

Scene 15-16: Police pickup and white pickup trucks in white out conditions.

Scene 17: Highway sign in whiteout warning drivers of snow packed roads.

Scene 18: Traffic in huge snowflakes.

Scene 19: White truck driving in huge snowflakes.

Scene 20: Shot of parked semi in huge snowflakes.

Scene 21: Shot of a farm building in near white out.

Scene 22: Traffic driving in near whiteout.

Scene 23: Various shots of snow blowing across the highway.

Scene 24: Vehicles driving in blowing snow.

Scene 25: Shot of heavy snow falling in trees.

Scene 26: Near white out at the Garden City exit sign from US-83.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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