Fountain Hills, AZ Rare Snow Cover – 2/22/2019

Residents of the Phoenix, Arizona suburb of Fountain Hills woke up to a rare snowy winter wonderland.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Medium shot of Saguaro Cacti, and homes covered in snow.
Shot 2: Wide shot of desert covered in snow with homes in the background.
Shot 3: Medium shot of car making u-turn on slushy road.
Shot 4: Tight Shot of trail head sign covered in snow.
Shot 5: Really tight shot of saguaro cactus with snow on the arms.
Shot 6: Wide shot of desert hills and saguaros covered in snow.
Shot 7: Tight shot of snow on branches melting.
Shot 8: Wide shot of stream and snow
Shot 9: Tight shot of stream flowing from melting snow.
Shot 10: Medium shot of saguaros covered in snow.
Shot 11: Wide shot of foothills road winding through a snowy landscape.
Shot 12: Tilt shot from wide landscape to spring wildflowers
Shot 13: Tight shot of spring wildflowers.
Shot 14: Medium shot of large saguaro cacti with snow.
Shot 15: Tight shot of truck driving down hilly road covered in snow slush.
Shot 16: Wide shot of snowy neighborhood with hilly road.
Shot 17: Wide shot of slushy parking lot with snowy desert.
Shot 18: In car shot showing road conditions in Phoenix Suburb of Fountain Hills, Arizona
Shot 19: Wide shot of snow on the iconic Superstition Mountains
Shot 20: Tight shot of snow showers on the Superstition Mountains.

SID: Bryan Snider

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