Haboob, Micro-Burst and Crepuscular Rays in Phoenix, AZ – 7/10/2018

Time lapses and video of a Micro-Burst, Haboob, and stunning Crepuscular rays captured within and near Phoenix, Arizona.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Ultra Wide angle time Lapse of the evolution of a micro-burst captured near Phoenix, Sky Habor airport. The Haboob is also approaching in this shot, before being knocked down by the rain.

Shot 2: Wide shot time-lapse continuing the sequence showing more of the micro-burst. Planes can be seen taking off despite strong crosswinds.

Shot 3: Ultra wide shot time lapse of Crepuscular rays near Phoenix Sky Harbor and downtown Phoenix.

Shot 4: Tight shot time-lapse of downtown Phoenix and Airport control tower with beautiful Crepuscular rays and rain.

Shot 5: Medium shot time-lapse showing the light rays and rain.

Shot 6: Wide time-lapse of a Haboob beginning to form near Eloy, Arizona (Pinal County) About 60 miles southeast of Phoenix.

Shot 7: Panning shot showing a massive wall of dust (Haboob)

Shot 8: B-roll of Gustnado out in front of the dust storm.

Shot 9: Wide shot time lapse of a Haboob making its way into Phoenix. The dust begins to dissipate before hitting the airport.

Shot 10: Airplane pushing back as dust cloud begins to approach the airport.

Shot 11: View of dust as it approaches downtown Phoenix.

Shot 12: Planes are taxing out with large micro-burst (rain bomb) nearby.

Shot 13: Tight shot of rain foot from the wet micro-burst.

Shot 14: Cue of airplanes lined up waiting for takeoff.

Shot 15: Crepuscular rays and an airplane taxing after landing

Shot 16: A rainy tarmac and plane at the gate.

Shot 17: Two airplanes are taxing to the runway, as another takes off.

Shot 18: Two more airplanes parked on wet tarmac.

Shot 19: Wide shot of airplanes parked on the wet tarmac.

Shot 20: Panning shot of an international 747 taking off after a decent departure delay.

SID: Bryan Snider & Mike Olbinski

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