Massive Haboob & Severe Storm Ground Stop At Phoenix Sky Harbor 7/9/2018

Amazing Time-lapse video of Haboob hitting Phoenix Sky Harbor. Followed by video of VERY heavy rain over Sky Harbor airport. Flights were impacted for well over an hour when Sky Harbor came to a complete ground stop.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Time-lapse of haboob approaching Phoenix, Arizona. You’ll notice two different outflows that ultimately hit Sky Harbor.
Shot 2: Time-lapse of heavy rain passing over Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport during a severe storm.
Shot 3: Video of heavy rain passing over terminal 4 with airplane taxing in the background.
Shot 4: Video of terminal and very low vis.
Shot 5: Video of more terminal and heavy rain.
Shot 6: Video blowing rain
Shot 7: Video of heavy rain blowing with control tower in the background.
Shot 8: Wide shot of car going through water.
Shot 9: Tight shot of another car going through a water.
Shot 10: Wide shot of airplanes taking off with haboob approaching.
Shot 11: Tight shot of dust devil out in front of haboob.
Shot 12: Wide shot of haboob approaching the airport
Shot 13: Tight shot of train with haboob in background.
Shot 14: Wide shot of plains waiting to take off, but ultimately had to wait longer because of 1hr+ plus ground stop.
Shot 15: Wide shot of airport runways and terminals practically empty because of ground stop.

SID: Bryan Snider

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