Yuma County, AZ Massive Haboob Wall Of Dust Storm -7/9/2018

Something like you would see out of the movies as a massive wall of dust and debris moves over the desert east of Yuma, AZ in Yuma County, AZ.

Wall of dust moving in that looks several thousand feet high.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Pan shot of a wall of dust over the open country along Interstate 8.

Clip 2 On an overpass over Interstate 8 as the massive wall of dust moves into the area.

Clip 3 Haboob moving closer.

Clip 4 Haboob almost on top of the location as all you see in the distance is a huge wall of dust and sand.

Clip 5 At sunset, the Haboob / Dust Storm moves closer and above the Haboob you see a shelf cloud from the storm system just behind it.

Clip 6 At sunset the Haboob is about to over take the area.

Clip 7 In the blinding dust storm as visibility drops to almost zero.

SID: Mike Olbinski

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