Susquehanna River Ice Jam Flooding, Wrightsville, PA – 1/26/2018

As more and more ice jams flow south along the Susquehanna river the water levels rise yet again and create more flooding problems. Ice jams begin to pile up right next to rt 624, Long Level Road & Klines Run Road. Many houses on Kinard Lane and Boat House Road are already experiencing flooding problems due to rising river levels and ice jams. Several businesses are affected as well. On January 24th of 2018, river levels were close to flooding Kinard Lane and Boat House Road areas. Businesses such as Long Level Marina, along the Susquehanna river side of rt 624, were not flooded at the time but as of January 26th 2018 they are. Viewers may refer to ” Susquehanna River Ice & Flooding in Southern PA ” from 1/24/2018 for that footage. Shot Description ********** Wrightsville, Pa Clip 1: Pan right shot showing Kinard Lane with flood waters and numerous chunks of ice up at houses and covering small bridge to private residences Clip 2: Tight shot low to ground-zoom back to show flood waters and ice chunks covering Kinard Lane and small bridge to private residences. Clip 3: Flood waters and ice chunks around trash dumpster and utility shed Clip 4: Medium shot with zoom back – Structure more than half way under water & ice chunks Clip 5: Slight zoom – Boat House Road flooded with ice chunks & Susquehanna River to the left. Houses and sheds in distance to left in flood waters. Clips 6 & 7: Tight and medium shots of Susquehanna Boat Works LTD sign. Clip 8: Wide shot of Susquehanna Boat Works LTD Sign with pan to right showing flood waters, ice chunks, and cones on Boat House Road. Clip 9: Tight shot & zoom back of buoys stuck in ice jam. Clip 10: Other side of Boat House Road flooded. Flood waters at houses. Clip 11: Shot from dry side of rt 624 looking at Boat House Road flooded. Sign showing Lake Clarke Marina. Vehicles on rt 624. Clip 12: Tight shot-zoom back showing ” Lake Clarke Marina ” on small lighthouse in Susquehanna River. Clip 13: Lake Clarke Marina sign- zoom back with pan to left showing Boat House Road flooded with ice chunks. Clips 14-17: Multiple views of Long Level Marina ” Olde Boat House ” flooded by frozen water. Two teenagers in small boat breaking through ice & paddling through flood waters of parking lot. Clips 18 & 19: Long Level Marina river side building and parking lot flooded by ice jam on Susquehanna River (Medium shot & pan back ). Fuel pump slightly under water (Medium shot & pan back to left). Clips 20 & 21: Medium shot of shed under water (frozen), side shot of shed under water (frozen). Two days prior to this shot water was at least 1 foot lower. Clips 22 & 23: Camera view from vehicle traveling N/B on rt 624 showing ice jam on Susquehanna River at edge of roadway. SID: J Marc Harris

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