Phoenix, AZ Lunar Eclipse Time Lapse – 1/31/2018

Shot 1: A wide-angle time-lapse of the Super Blood Blue Moon. Captured over nearly 3 hours and a majority of the eclipse. The video begins with a full moon and ends shortly after the full totality. Because of geography, Phoenix was too far east to see the entire eclipse. Instead, the moon set as the moon started going from full totality back to a full moon. This composite time lapse was edited in a unique way to reveal the different stages of the lunar eclipse (blood moon) that took place. Note: Moon is the actual size. No modification to size was down in the time lapse. Created using 1002 individual photos sped up to 30fps. Images captured with a Nikon Full Frame DSLR camera, 20mm lens & then put together using different software. Final product is slight cropped (zoomed in) to place focus more on the different phases of the moon. Time lapse created using 1002 individual photos captured with a Nikon full frame DSLR and 20mm lens. Basic color correction was applied in this time lapse only. The moon was not enlarged or “enhanced” to make it appear bigger. This is the exact path the moon followed over Phoenix. SID: Bryan Snider

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