Eastern Colorado Heavy Snow Blizzard Warned Storm

Heavy snow and blizzard conditions in Eastern Colorado. Shot Description 1+2) Snow plows near Bennett, CO on Highway 36 3) Vehicles driving fast on icy roads near Denver 4) Snowplows laying down deicer at Denver International Airport 5) Snowplows on C-470 clearing the highway 6) Semi trucks coming into the Bennett truckstop in snowy conditions. 7) Restaurant flags blowing in high winds. 8+9 Blowing snow against trees near Bennett, CO. 10) Snowplows clearing Highway 86 in Elizabeth, CO. 11) Snowy roads in Elizabeth,CO. 12) Heavy winds blowing American Flag. 13) Blowing snow and trees near Elizabeth, CO. 14) Deer seeking refuge near Elizabeth,CO. SID: Eric Treece

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