Iconic Cape Hatteras, NC Lighthouse In The Winter Storm – 1/18/2018

Coastal Winter Storm dumped heavy snow over the Outer Banks of North Carolina including Cape Hatteras. Footage of the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and beach surrounded by snow, waves crashing on snowy beaches, snow-covered sand dunes, people digging out, plows clearing coastal highway. All footage shot during early morning darkness and daylight on January 18, 2018 in/near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1. wide shot of very heavy snow falling and blowing around beach house near Cape Hatteras in predawn morning hours 2. POV driving shot of white-out conditions on coastal highway in Cape Hatteras in predawn morning hours as coastal winter storm raged over Outer Banks 3 & 4. shots of historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse nearly blocked by heavy blowing snow from intense winter coastal storm 5-9. various shots of snow surrounding historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse at dawn following powerful winter storm 10. shot of snowplow clearing snow from coastal highway buried by coastal winter storm in Cape Hatteras, NC 11. shot of neighborhood street buried in deep snow 12. shot of woman digging out beach house from deep snow 13. shot of neighborhood beach street buried in deep snow 14 & 15. driving shot of beach homes and dunes surrounded by snow 16-18. pushed-in shots of very deep snow and cars in parking lot 19-24. various shots of snow-covered beach and crashing waves in Cape Hatteras 25-29. various shots of historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse surrounded by deep snow from a powerful winter coastal storm SID: Simon Brewer

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