Owatonna, MN Extreme Blizzard Conditions – 1/22/2018

Blizzard conditions made for extremely harsh driving on Interstate 35 around Owatonna, MN. Footage of numerous cars in the ditch, jack knifed semi, cars sliding and plow trucks trying to keep up with the heavy snow. Shot Description Clip 1 Sign warning of blizzard conditions Clip 2 Snow plow POV driving in white out Clip 3 Driving in white out Clip 4 Passing shot of plow from side camera Clip 5 Measured 6 inches of snow at 11am in Owatonna Clip 6 Car spinning its tires Clip 7 Traffic and snow plow on Interstate 35 Clip 8 – 9 Semi in the ditch on I-35 Clip 10 Jack Knifed Semi on I-35 Clip 11 – 12 Snow plows close up in Owatonna Clip 13 Car spinning its tires Clip 14 Road Grater clearing snow Clip 15 Car spinning its tires Clip 16 Someone snow blowing Clip 17 SUV in the ditch Clip 18 – 19 Large truck stuck and spinning its wheels while trying to get pulled out by an SUV Clip 20 Driving in whiteout conditions Clip 21 Snow plows Clip 22 Jack Knifed Semi Clip 23 road sign in snow Clip 24 Flag in snow Clip 25 Driving in poor conditions. SID: Doug Kiesling

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