Thick Canadian Wildfire Smoke From Lake Lac La Belle Covers Oconomowoc, Wi

Video from Lake Lac La Belle in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, as people try their best to enjoy the evening as unhealthy to very unhealthy air and some of the worst air quality in the state takes hold of the region. The video shows local residents trying to make the best of the situation and getting out on the lake in unhealthy conditions.
Shot Description

00:00 Medium shot of visibly heavy smoke over the lake with a speed boat pulling a knee border in the middle of the shot and a barely visible sun in the background.

00:18 Close shot of the setting sun reflecting off the lake as thick smoke is all around and a pontoon boat slowly motors by in the foreground.

00:45 Same scene as the first, but this time a wakeboarder and speed boat working across the shot from left to right as the sun reflects off the water surrounded by thick smoke.

01:07 A fishing boat slowly works across the scene, surrounded by thick smoke on the lake.

01:15 Wide shot of Lake Lac La Belle and the surroundings completely blanketed in thick smoke with the red-colored sun setting in the background and surrounded by haze.

01:44 Jet skies pass in the foreground on Lake Lac La Belle, with the sun reflecting off the lake in the middle of the shot and thick smoke visible all around.

01:58 Thick smoke is visible as a speed boat in the background pulls a wakeboarder on Lake Lac La Belle.

02:10 Close-up of the red sun surrounded by visible thick, hazy wildfire smoke

02:22 Another close-up of the orange and red colored sun being filtered by the wildfire smoke. Sunspot visible in the middle of the sun.

SID: Charlie Bourdo
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