Dangerous Rip Currents Lurking Off Panama City Beach, Florida

New ground and drone footage showing the dangerous rip currents at Panama City Beach, FL today as we go into the extended holiday weekend where everyone going to the coastal beaches need’s to be aware of the danger lurking in the water.

Impressive Gulf of Mexico Rip Current in Panama City Beach, Florida from a Drone
Shot Description

00:00 Red Flag Warning at Panama City Beach, FL
00:06 Aerial Still Shots of the areas of the shoreline where the rip current dug into the beach
00:21 Beach being carved out from the rip currents
00:29 Beach erosion and people in the distance where the currents are ripping
00:36 Several Aerial Drone Views of the rip current along Panama City Beach
01:29 Ground shots of the beach
01:38 Rip current where no waves are breaking but waves are on the sides
01:47 Fly over shots of the rip currents and the emerald green water
02:10 Various ground clips of people at the beach and the waves
02:47 Panning drone orbit clips of the rip currents

SID: Michael Gordon
Time and Date of Video: 12PM June 28, 2023
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